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Why take a hedgehog to a rescue?

A good rescue will have

  • Undergone training to medicate, inject a hedgehog.

  • A vet practice to support their rescue work.

  • Access to medicines which are often POM-V (Prescription Only - Veterinary) that can only be prescribed by a vet

  • Knowledge to diagnose illnesses through faecal sample tests

NEVER attempt to rehabilitate a hedgehog yourself. It is very important that the sick / injured hedgehog receives timely help which could make all the difference. Many times, callers tend to keep a hedgehog they found during the day, themselves and feed and water it. When the hedgehog goes downhill, they contact a rescue and drop the hedgehog off. By then it is too late to save the hedgehog. Just feeding and watering a sick hedgehog will not cure an illness.


Rehabilitating a hedgehog is not a project for you or your child. It is a life which can be lost very quickly without help! Not seeking professional help for a sick hedgehog is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act.

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