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Out during the day:

A hedgehog out during the day is generally in trouble. If the hedgehog looks like its moving with purpose or with a mouth full of leaves, nesting material, leave them alone. If not, pick them up gently wearing gloves, place them in a tall cardboard box / cat carrier and ring a rescue for advise


If a hedgehog is running around in circles / dragging its legs / limping / has an open wound / hit by a car / attacked by a dog / fallen into a drain or a hole, it needs help.


Hedgehogs do not sunbathe. If you find one, it is in trouble and will need help.

Flies buzzing:

If flies are buzzing over a hedgehog, it needs help as flies lay eggs on a sick/injured hedgehog which will hatch into maggots within hours and eat a hedgehog alive. Time is of the essence here. Ring a rescue immediately.

Caught in netting:

If a hedgehog is caught in netting, free it from the netting BUT DO NOT RELEASE IT. The hedgehog needs to go to a rescue along with the netting as it will need observation for at least a week for any infections.

Orphaned babies:

Babies live with their siblings and mum in a nest. If a baby or babies are found outside the nest without mum, they will need help. Babies need specialist care which only rescues can provide. Please do not attempt to hand rear orphaned hoglets yourselves.

Hedgehogs under 600g during winter:

Hedgehogs need to be at least 600g to survive hibernation. Any hedgehog under 600g found in winter will need rescuing. 

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