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Hazards hedgehogs face in the wild


One of the most common hazards that hedgehogs face are being struck by strimmers. Strimmers cause grevious injuries that can be fatal very often. Hedgehogs sleep in long grass and under bushes. A quick look in long grass and under the bushes can potentially save a hedgehog's life.



While hedgehogs move from one garden to another to forage for food, they can easily get entangled in football netting or garden netting. Constriction injuries can can lead to fractures, open wounds and infection that will need treatment in the rescue. Putting the netting a foot high from the ground will ensure safe movement for the hedgehogs.


Wildlife ponds and Swimming pools:

Ensure wildlife ponds and swimming pools have ramps so that hedgehogs can climb out of them if they fall in. Hedgehogs are strong swimmers but they get tired very easily and could drown quickly. Placing shallow bowls of water around the garden will prevent them from going near swimming pools or ponds. 


Drains and Holes:

Hedgehogs can fall into uncovered drains and fence post holes when they are foraging at night. If they get stuck and are unable to get out, they become a prime target for flies to lay eggs on them causing flystrike. Please ensure drains and holes are covered at night.



During darker evenings in autumn and winter, hedgehogs cross the road. Please drive slowly so that hedgehogs don't get run over.

hedgehogs at night  (1).jpg


Hedgehogs love making their nests in bonfires in the garden as its dry and warm for them. Lighting bonfires can burn them and other wildlife that make homes in them. Please build a bonfire on the day of lighting or re-site the pile just before lighting.

bonfire (1).jpg


Dogs can cause very serious injuries to hedgehogs like fractures. The dogs can also get injured by the spines resulting in a vet bill. Please put your dog on lead when letting them out after dark. If your dog picks up a hedgehog by its mouth, please contact a rescue as many injuries caused by dogs can go unnoticed. 

Rat traps:

Hedgehogs can get caught in rat traps resulting in amputation of their legs. If you must place a rat trap, please place it at least a foot above the ground where a hedgehog can't reach.

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